Performance tune for OBD2 E36 3-series (1996-1999) - RKTunes

Performance tune for OBD2 E36 3-series (1996-1999)

NOTE *We offer 
Flex fuel, rolling antilag, Two step on our Advance feature E36 Tune. 

This is our tried and tested tune for all OBD2 M52 and S52 engines. These tunes were designed on a Dynojet dyno and tested in the real world! All tune packages come with an OBD to USB cable and software to read and write your DME/ECU. A Windows computer is required to utilize the RK-Tunes flash software. Check FAQ section for windows device recommendation. Before completing your purchase, please specify your vehicle year. For an obd2 e36 you must run the oem OBD2 maf or a 540 MAF. *Note for 540 MAF the whole connector must be swapped or the oem one must be modified*

⦁ Top speed governor removed
⦁ Increased RPM rev limit
⦁ VANOS cam timing adjustment
⦁ Improved throttle response
⦁ Can tune for any octane

8-20+ FT/LBS TQ


⦁ Burble 
⦁ Fuel - tell me your fuel octane rating (89, 90, 91, 93) 
⦁ Backfire/Burble. This makes your car backfire or burble when you lift off the gas. The aggressiveness can be adjusted depending on what you want. We suggest catless downpipes if you want an aggressive burble / backfire. 
And much more+

In the modification box, please specify all current vehicle modifications and desired options.