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Advanced Feature E36 OBD2 Tune (1996-1999)


- Flex fuel (Stock MS41 DME will auto-tune for ethanol content with our tune)
- Rolling antilag
- Two step 

BIG power gains
10-15 WHP on e85 over our 93 octane tune. 20-25 WHP total from tuning alone
15-20 WHP on E85 over 91 octane tune. 20-25 WHP total from tuning alone

Youtube Video + install guide will be up around the time all kits ship.
All flex kits expected to ship 3/18/24

two step limiter / antilag- 
We include a switch with wiring to turn this on or off. 

Flex fuel -
For flex fuel you must use Our flex fuel kit and Larger injectors. The flex fuel kit Comes with a gauge + fittings + sensor + line + wiring diagram. It does not come with a gauge mount kit. I put mine in my glove box. Injectors are rated at 340cc at 43psi. They will be enough for 290WHP+ on E85.

DW200 Fuel pump - Suggested. We suggest a new fuel pump + fuel filter. While a NEW OEM pump flows enough for a 250+WHP e36 on E85. Most of the time they are not new and are down on flow. The DW200 fuel pump we supply flows more then enough at 255 LPH and is E85 safe. Note you should NOT use a 320LPH or larger pump. It overpowers the OEM fuel pressure regulator and will lead to bad fueling.

MAF - You can use a stock 3" maf or our 3.5" maf. our 3.5" maf comes with a housing + wiring harness. you can NOT use a 800/803/809. bosch no longer makes them and the aftermarket ones suck.

Our 3.5" maf fits perfectly in place of a 800/803/809. If needed our 3.5" throttle body boot (LINK HERE) and our 3.5" intake (LINK HERE) a 3.5" maf adds more power.

You can always add flex fuel later by buying the flex fuel kit + Injectors HERE for $750.

Price breakdown:
$220 Tune upgrade
$450 New tune base.
$350 3.5" maf with wiring
$400 Flex fuel kit with hoses, lines, ethanol content gauge, wiring etc.
$350 Bosch EV14 340cc injectors
$100 DW200 fuel pump with submersible PTFE hose

These options above are on top of the normal tuning options. You must type in all your mods / requests in the box before adding to the cart so we can tune for your mods. We will always set idle / limiter etc to what we feel is best for your car. If you have specific requests just put them in the mod list box.

We include a flash cable + software for all new tune orders. A windows laptop is required to flash the dme your self. If you want us to bench flash at our shop it please email us after ordering the tune and we will send you the needed forms.

To do the "upgrade tune" option for $200. You must already have an RK-Tunes OBD2 tune order from us. We will search by name or email or phone number to find you old order. If we can not find it, We will email you before shipping your order. 

FOR turbo tunes we will be updating turbo tunes in a few weeks.