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MOTIV ReFlex + Advanced I/O Integration - BMW / Toyota Supra

The latest and greatest in fuel/boost controller on the market, the ReFlex is the best solution for integrating Port Injection, Flex Fuel, and boost control for upgraded turbo setups which do not use factory waste gates. The ReFlex has the latest technology to driectly integrate into the ECU factory safeties for fuel and boost cuts, so you can run additional fueling with no stress or headaches.



*0-10 Bar Pressure sensor is highly recommended for every install. Please select 5/16 quick disconnect adapter for in-engine bay installs. 3/8 is for B58/S58 under car installs ONLY


Control Options

  • Standalone - no CanBUS communication
  • Integrated CanBUS - MHD, BM3, MGF
  • Advanced CanBUS - EcuTek and MHD+

Sequential Port Injection

  • Up to 8 cylinders
  • Real-time injector status and diagnostics


  • 1 Digital 0-500kHz for Ethanol (output over CanBUS)
  • 1 Digital 0-20kHz for Crank Signal
  • 1 Digital 0-20kHz for Cam Signal
  • 1 Analog 0-5v ~6Hz Low-Pass MAP Sensor
  • 1 Analog 0-5v ~6Hz Low-Pass Sensor
  • 1 Analog 4-20mA current ~30Hz Low-Pass Fuel Pressure
  • 1 Analog 4-20mA current ~30Hz Low-Pass Pressure Sensor


  • 2 Low-Side, 0-1000Hz, 4A cont, 8A max
  • 2 Low-Side, 0-1000Hz, 3A cont, 6A max
  • 1 Digital to Analog Expanision
  • CanBUS Lo/High Comms


0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor

The ReFlex+ 0-10 Bar Pressure Sensor is ideal for measuring fluid and air pressure. The sensor is terminated with a 2-Pin DTM connector for direct plug and play connection to the ReFlex+ harness. On many of the flash platforms it is integrated over CANbus to supply Fuel Pressure to the ECU and the ReFlex+. In addition, it can also be used for boost, coolant, oil and a variety of other fluids. Each ReFlex+ can integrate two of these sensors at a time.

For easy installation, it is recommended to use the 3/8 Female to 3/8 Male SAE Quick Disconnect Adapter with 1/8" NPT port on an ethanol sensor. Alternatively, you can use the 5/16 Female to 5/16 Male SAE Quick Disconnect Adapter with 1/8" NPT port on a factory fuel line.




Plug and Play Harnesses


- Tensility Motorsports has developed a plug and play kit for the ReFlex+ that was engineered to meet our high quality standards. TMS has been approved by MOTIV to manufacturer harnesses and they will not void your warranty on MOTIV ReFlex+ products. 

With attention to detail in the selection of wiring, production standards, and quality assurance, TMS plug and play harnesses ensure a consistent and reliable installation for a hassle-free experience.

Each harness kit includes all the necessary components to install and run a ReFlex+ Advanced I/O Controller on the vehicle it was designed for. The harness is divided into a few separate pieces for ease of installation and a very clean finished look.

  • Main Harness: This section of the TMS harness kit includes plug and play connections to the vehicles Cam, Crank, and TMAP sensors, 6 injector runs for port injection, the ethanol content sensor connector, and DTM connections for all of the auxiliary inputs and outputs.
  • CAN+ Power Splitter: A clean over-molded compact harness that provides a plug and play connection to your vehicles Body Domain Controller. This section is where the kit will get power, ground, and connect to the CANbus network.
  • Auxiliary Cable Pack: Four additional cables are included to simplify future expansions such as additional sensors, methanol, NOS, fuel pump relays, etc. These 8 ft. cables plug directly into the unused ReFlex+ harness auxiliary ports Aux Out 1/2/3 and Aux In 4 (PSI).



Visconti Tuning

Visconti Tuning teamed up with MOTIV as the first company to bring a plug and play harness to the community. After years of success and some of the fastest Supras and BMWs in the world using the harness, Visconti Tuning has improved upon an already fantastic offering.