Front Mount Intakes for 2020+ G80 | G82 | G83 M3 | M4 | S58

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Our intakes increase to 3.5" inner diameter which is way bigger than all other front mount intakes for the G80 Platform. Most front mounts neck down to 3” outer diameter through the frame rail area going to the front of the car.

Others are reducing from 3.5" to 3.0" to allow the aluminum tubing to fit through. Due to our intakes being silicone we can have a way larger inner diameter and still be flexible enough to easily install. Also having the largest intakes equals the most airflow and the most noise!

This is hands down the best design on the market. Designed in-house utilizing high-quality 5-ply wire reinforced silicone that can never suck shut.

These are IN STOCK!