Performance tune for E36/7/8 Z3M — (2000–2002) Z3 M Roadster/M Coupe - RKTunes

Performance tune for E36/7/8 Z3M — (2000–2002) Z3 M Roadster/M Coupe


This is our tried and tested tune for a Z3M with an S54. These tunes were designed on a Dynojet dyno and tested in the real world! We offer both MAF based and ALPHA-N tunes. Our ALPHA-N tune has an additional 15% increase in power over the MAF based tune. The ALPHA-N tune requires the MAF to be deleted, and the installation of a new Air Intake Temperature Sensor included in your purchase. Please select whether you would like a MAF or ALPHA-N. All tune packages come with an OBD to USB cable and software to read and write your DME/ECU. A Windows computer is required to utilize the RK-Tunes flash software. Check FAQ section for windows device recommendations.

⦁ Top speed governor removed
⦁ Increased RPM rev limit
⦁ VANOS cam timing adjustment
⦁ Improved throttle response
⦁ Ignition timing enhancements
⦁ Air/Fuel Ratio enhancements

⦁ Fuel - Selectable fuel octane rating (91, 93)
⦁ Burble - Emits flame and backfire when lifting off throttle. Only suggested for catless exhaust systems.
⦁ Rear O2 Sensor Delete - If you are running aftermarket headers please select O2 Sensor delete. We will remove all coding associated with rear O2 sensors
⦁ Cold Start Fix - All S54's have a cold start calibration to heat up the catalytic converters. If you're unhappy with the way your S54 idles/runs while cold, select this option and we will adjust the cold start in your tune. Highly advised if you are running a catless exhaust system.
⦁ SAP (Secondary Air Pump) Delete - If you have deleted your Secondary Air Pump, please select this option and we will remove the coding from the DME/ECU to avoid a CEL.

10-30+ WHP
10-30+ FT/LBS TQ

15-35+ WHP
15-35+ FT/LBS TQ

In the modification box, please specify all current vehicle modifications and desired options.