F series M5 / M6 front mount intakes

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F Series m5 / m6 intakes pre sale starts now! Save money and use coupon code holiday15 to save an extra 15% on top of the sale price of $1350. Once they are in stock the price will go back to $1500 !
All orders will ship by the end of december
Our RK-TUNES front mount F series M5 / M6 intake  design will outflow all other Front mount intakes for M5/M6 's. Many companies use a reduced and squished pipe to get through the headlight area. While the space is tight we use a custom wire reinforced silicone coupler that will conform to any iregulatories in the opening while being as large of diameter as possible.  
* the supplied air filter will be larger then the one shown in the picture. Before and after power gains will be posted when we get the finalized sets in.