BM3 BOOTMOD3 Licensing - N55 / S55 / B58 / S58 / N20 N26 / B46 B48 / N - RKTunes

BM3 BOOTMOD3 Licensing - N55 / S55 / B58 / S58 / N20 N26 / B46 B48 / N63 / S63 / SUPRA

A bootmod3 license is required to flash our custom tune using the bootmod3 platform! Includes all access to bm3 features to use along with our custom calibration.


Includes all of Bm3 customROM features as well:


  • AntiLag - build boost while stationary or rolling by using steering wheel cruise button press and the Accelerator pedal allowing for insta-boost when roll racing or launching
  • Map Switching - On-The-Fly using steering wheel cruise control buttons. Flash the vehicle once and have access to 4 switchable maps on the steering wheel changing the calibration entirely from one map slot to the next
  • Flex Fuel Tuning - Tune for any Ethanol blend by having a Flex Fuel sensor report Ethanol % to the engine control unit (DME) and have it manage the tune from regular petrol (0% Ethanol) to 100%, without re-flashing
  • New Map Editor - advanced tuning editor with close to 5000 tuning tables available
  • Datalogging of over 80 advanced (RAM) channels and hundreds of others available at highest throughput of any tool available on the market today
  • Ethanol In-Dash Indicator - software changes applied to the DME to allow checking of your Ethanol content as reported by the Flex Fuel Sensor in the vehicle's dash on the RPM gauge (e.g. 2000rpm = 20% ethanol, 5500rpm = 55% ethanol)
  • Transmission Torque Limiter disabled in software