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Exhaust for 2020+ G80 | G82 | G83 M3 | M4 | S58

First 10 sets are being sold at a price lower then anything else on the market.

This is the BEST exhaust option right now for the G8x m3 / m4. We are using a H pipe unlike others. Note that X-pipes  cause power loss. Y pipe to a single mid pipe often causes power loss and you lose the equal length design of the factory exhaust. Our exhaust maintains this factory equal length with larger diameter piping in both stainless and titanium. 

This exhaust is a valved exhaust that uses oem style valves. No extra controller/ wiring required.  

*note. This is a full exhaust to be bolted on after the downpipe. This is not just a axle back or mid pope. It is both!

stainless steel is heavier then titanium.