Turbo tune package for BMW E46 - 3 Series - (1999-2006) - RKTunes

Turbo tune package for BMW E46 - 3 Series - (1999-2006)

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This is our tried and tested tune for turbo OBD2 M52tu / M54 engines used in the 1999-2006 E46 non M. These tunes were designed on a Dynojet dyno and tested in the real world! OBD2 vehicles receive a set of remote tuning cables to flash your DME and free revisions. 850cc injectors are good for 600+WHP on 93 / race gas and 550whp on E85.

A Windows computer is required to utilize the RK-Tunes flash software. Check FAQ section for windows device recommendation.

Each turbo tuning package includes:
Blow through MAF
850cc Bosch EV14 High impedance Injectors
Wiring harness adapter
Weld On Flange for a 3" pipe

We supply a pump gas tune and an E85 tune.
We suggest a AEM 320 for 500WHP on E85 and below.

You must send in your DME for a one time ECU flash on the bench. Post flashing on the bench we mail you a set of Remote tuning cables to flash your DME with revisions and Datalog.

* This tune is MS43 DME specific. This is the factory DME used in the 325 and 330 M54 North American engines up to 03/2003; all 325xi.

If your car has a different ECU From the factory we do not offer support or a guide for conversion, there has been multiple forum posts with instructions. We suggest doing the conversion first while naturally aspirated to ensure it works before installing a turbo kit.