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Supercharger tuning package for OBD1 S5x M5x


This is our tried and tested tune for Supercharged OBD1 S5x M5x engines. These tunes were designed on a Dynojet dyno and tested in the real world!

OBD1 engines receive a base map on a chip along with free revisions. We can set the tune up for only our MAF and Injector Combination.  Power figures of up to 550+WHP can be obtained dependent on hardware and fuel setup.

In the modification box, please specify all current vehicle modifications and desired options.

Options :

⦁ Launch control

⦁ Backfire/Burble. This makes your car backfire or burble when you lift off the gas. The aggressiveness can be adjusted depending on what you want. We suggest catless downpipes if you want an aggressive burble / backfire.

⦁ Fuel - Selectable fuel octane rating (91, 93) 
⦁ Rear O2 Sensor Delete - If you are running aftermarket headers please select O2 Sensor delete. We will remove all coding associated with rear O2 sensors
⦁ SAP (Secondary Air Pump) Delete - If you have deleted your Secondary Air Pump, please select this option and we will remove the coding from the DME/ECU to avoid a CEL.