FEMTO Unlock (06/2020+ Production Date) BMW - Supra DME Unlock - RKTunes

FEMTO Unlock (06/2020+ Production Date) BMW - Supra DME Unlock

DME Unlock for 06/2020+ Vehicles

This is UNLOCK ONLY, no tuning. Works with or without MHD/Bootmod3. 

For the unlock you must mail in your ECU, you are responsible for shipping here we take care of rest. When shipping us the ECU please print, fill out and include the form at link below. Turnaround time from day received is 7-14 business days. Download Fill Form

This is a one-time unlock, allows for flashing via OBD2 port via our Tune, MHD or BM3. If you bring the vehicle to dealer they can update it and remove the unlock, the ECU will have to be mailed again and there will be a charge for re-flash. 

If you have a second ECU that you want cloned, your original ECU still needs to be sent out. We can then clone the ECU in person once they send us the data from your original.

As of right now this is the only option, if there are any updates we will post accordingly.  

Single ECU

  • G3x 240i/340i/440i/540i
  • G8x M3/M4
  • A9x Supra
  • F9x X3M

Dual ECU

  • G3x 550i  
  • F9x M5/M8
  • F9x X5M/X6M