Ceramic Seal


Ceramic Seal is our unique Si02 formula we optimized based on the latest ceramic technology. The formula activates when sprayed, leaving an ultra hydrophobic layer on your paint that helps keep the surface clean. For the best hydrophobic results, use Ceramic Shampoo on top of Ceramic Seal.

Every bottle comes with a free Microfiber applicator!

The vehicle should be clean & dust-free before applying. Heavily Soiled surfaces should be cleaned beforehand with Neutral Shampoo.

Spray directly onto the microfiber applicator. Begin to work product into the surface. To ensure full coverage over the desired area. A cross-hatch pattern should be used overlapping your previous pass by 40%. Allow the product to cure for 3-5 minutes depending on humidity and temperature conditions. Wipe off excess product gently with a microfiber towel. Once fully removed, allow the coating to fully cure for 24 hours, free from elements or weathering. Use Ceramic Shampoo on top of Ceramic Seal for the best results!